Sale! Shooting Bench Rest
Heck Phillips Bench Rest
[tabs] [tab title="Features" start=open] Features include: -- Stainless Steel construction -- Custom Leather Proktektor brand shooting bags (also Made in America) -- Lifetime warranty on the metal components -- Made in America [/tab] [tab title="Package includes"] Your purchase Includes: -- Bench Rest -- Front Shooting Bag -- Rear Shooting Bag -- Zip-ties to attach the front bag to the bench rest [/tab] [tab title="Product Video"] The Original Heck Phillips Bench Rest [kad_youtube url="" width=200 height=150] [/tab] [/tabs]    
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Shooting table
Heck Phillips Shooting Table
[tabs] [tab title="Features" start=open] Features: — Waterproof HDPE top — Stainless steel inlay top screws — Legs mount securely under the frame for storage and transportation — Storage/Transportation footprint is approximately 42" x 32" x 3" — Lightweight at 30 lbs    (34.5lb shipping weight includes packaging) — Lifetime warranty — Made in America [/tab] [tab title="Product Video"] [kad_youtube url="" width=200 height=150] [/tab] [/tabs]
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